> Jade: Reflect on your achievements.

Your name is Jade Watson, and you have decided to reflect on your accomplishments during your time taking a high school class.

That class being HONORS INTRO TO DIGITAL MEDIA, a really great class with a really great teacher. However, it seems we cannot see you.

TEACHER NOTE: Due to the fact that Adobe Express doesn't really enjoy having users who are trying to make a website having decent freedom, I decided to hand code an entire webpage and css stlye sheet, and upload it to Neocities using the website I made, but swtiching out the files for this webpage.

> Jade: Show us your enviroment!!!

> Jade: Show us your enviroment!!!

You are floating in the LAND OF VARIOUS ACHIEVEMENTS, which is different for every person. It seems like you can look at every single achievement you ever made! How cool is that! You wonder what the poster is in the corner.

> Jade: Reflect on Wizard of Oz Posters.

> Jade: Reflect on Wizard of Oz posters.

This was a poster you made for the Wizard of Oz, your first ever assignment.

These were other posters you made for it, meant to be hung near the doors to the AUDITORIUM. You never actually knew whether or not the CHS Drama Department ever hung it up, however.

> Jade: Reflect on Lightroom assignments.

> Jade: Reflect on Lightroom assignments.

This is one of 3 images that you edited in Lightroom to make the lighting and contrast more... visually appealing. You think you did a good job on this one.

This image you needed to apply a mask to make the already dark image more visible. You tried your hardest on this one.

This was an edit you made with the healing brush! ... although it looks like you didn't do it? Maybe you forgot to save, as silly children such as yourself tend to do sometimes.

> Jade: Reflect on Premiere Rush assignments.

> Jade: Reflect on Premiere Rush assignments.

This was a 30 second PSA about ghosts, if you're not mistaken.

This was a Green Screen video you made. It wasn't necessarily made in Premiere Rush, but it's still an intersting video for sure.

> Jade: Reflect on Photoshop assignments.

> Jade: Reflect on Photoshop assignments.

We are in the home stretch here, y'all.


In all seriousness though, this was a fairly simple Photoshop job that many people could do. But you're just getting warmed up.


This one was more difficult to execute and required a lot of tries. You can still see a bit of artifacts of the squirrel, but that might just be you.

And finally, we reach the waterfall image. Holy heck this was a hard one. You had to actually look up a tutorial for this one. It was that difficult.